Adult Dress-Up Sets Lot of 50 only £99!!

£99.00 Exl VAT

Joblot of 50 assorted Dress-Up sets for only £99!!

A brilliant opportunity to make decent profits!

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This is a bargain for those traders who can fit this into their range or as an addition to an existing range of dress-up!

Each lot is a pure random mix of 50 pieces of dress-up.  We have used one picture to use as an example of what may be included but each lot will be different as there are so many different styles.  To name a few are:

Miss Pilot,  Dark Temptress,  Fairytale Wicked Queen,  Bumble Bee,  Wistful Witch,  Sailor,  Hearts Queen,  Enchanting Witch,  Forest Outlaw,  Sexy Witch,  Pop King (Men),  Sexy Skeleton and many more……

In total, you will receive 50 pieces in a totally assorted mix picked randomly.  All are individually packed ready for retail.  At this price, a great opportunity to make a realistic profit.