‘Despicable Me’ Girls Unicorn Nightie Nightshirt


Wholesale bundle of ‘I believe in fluffy Unicorns’ from Despicable Me.  Only £1.95 each – joblot of 20 assorted pieces


A fantastic little line for those who sell night wear or childrens’ lines!  The unicorn is one of the ‘in’ fashion creatures and brilliant for the younger children!  At only 1.95 each, they are a bargain!

We have arranged these in smaller lots of only 20 pieces per lot.  The breakdown is:

Age 3-4 x 11

Age 5-6 x 5

Age 7-8 x 4

These are an official product, made originally under licence for Avon.

We are probably the cheapest wholesaler with these nighties – if not, let us know!