ex-Store Women’s Gilet/Body Warmer Lightweight only £3.00 each!!

£45.00 Exl VAT

Lot of 15 Lightweight Women’s Gilets – Body Warmers.

Mix of 2 Colours

Assorted Sizes

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We have a small quantity remaining of these gilets.  Perfect for that extra layer as the temperatures start dropping.

These are an overmake for M$S and have not been produced with their tags – just a basic inner label.

This lot will be a mix of 2 colours – Mid Blue and Plum and will have a range of sizes from 8 to 20 (no 18’s)

The plum has a diamond shape stitching and the blue is a verticle stitch.

The hoods are detatchable.  Also they have zip pockets.

Perfect for any use:  rambling, running, taking the children to school etc

Each lot is of 15 items