Mens Armbands in gold colour – PEAKY BLINDER Style

£23.00 Exl VAT

Sophos branded Mens armbands in gold colour.  Only 1.15 each… sold in packs of 20.


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Quite the fashionable line at the moment … a revival for gents especially after PEAKY BLINDERS on TV.

Mens stretchy armbands were particularly popular from the 1930’s upto the 1960’s as they were used to keep the sleeves up away from the wrist on long sleeve shirts.  They have now made a come-back especially after this popular TV show.

Will will supply you with 20 x gold coloured armbands at 1.15 each.  Should you be interested in larger quanitites, please see our clearance and bulk deals – or give us a call!

These armbands are Sophos branded and are in loose packing.  We have noticed that they are being sold in retail for upto 10.95 plus postage (sold in a black box)!!