Satin Nightdress BRITISH MADE Embroidery Detail 7 Colours!

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Gabrielle Collection are British Made and great quality!  Standard and Plus-Sizes – upto 22-24!

7 Colours to choose from!

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These are made in the Midlands under the brand of Gabrielle Collection in Polyester an have been going for years!  They are always brilliant quality and a base line for the traders who have been selling them.  If you have a decent customer base, you will always do well with this line!

To make it easier for you as a trader, you can purchase in singles due to the amount of sizes and colours.  Each nightdress is hangered in our warehouse.  We always try and keep a reasonable stock of these but please let us know if you require larger orders.

Colours normally available are:  Black, Ivory, Pale Blue, Pale Peach, Deep Red, Light Purple and Vivid Purple



10 – 12, 14 – 16, 18 – 20, 22 – 24


Black, Deep Purple, Deep Red, Ivory (off White), Light Purple, Pale Blue, Pale Peach